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Annual Meeting/Election Date Change

Dear neighbors, due to unforeseen scheduling issues the date of the Annual Meeting/Election has been rescheduled to February 14th.

Election notices will be mailed out with the time and location of the meeting.



Trash Pick Up Days Change in January 2024.

Hello Neighbors!!,
Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays!!
We wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy holiday season. 

Breaking News

1. Trash Pick-up Changes in January 2024. East Brunswick Township awarded a new contract for the collection of solid waste & recycling for 2024-2028.

Your solid waste will be collected every Monday and Thursday.
Recycling will be collected every other Wednesday.
The new schedule will start on January 1, 2024.

Residents must schedule bulk pickups.
For Questions on scheduling bulk pick-up, call:
732-390-6984 or email

If a solid waste day falls on a holiday, then the makeup day will be Saturday.

Your 1st solid waste pickup day in 2024 will be Thursday, January 4, 2024.
Since Monday, January 1, 2024, is a holiday, your second pickup day for the week will be on Saturday, January 6, 2024.
Your 1st recycling pickup day is Wednesday, January 10, 2024.

The link for East Brunswick Recycling Center is:

2. 2023 Annual Homeowners Meeting
The annual homeowners meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 24, 2024. Meeting location, time and agenda will be published via email in early January 2024. Absentee ballots will also be mailed in early January 2024.


The Board of Trustees
Sunburst Hills Property Owners Assoc., Inc.


Parking in Fire Lanes Warning

Dear Neighbors,

East Brunswick Fire District #1 mandated that the Association install No Parking Fire Lane Signs and Asphalt Striping No Parking Fire Lane.
All signage has been installed.

This is a friendly warning letter to everyone reminding that the Fire Lanes are real and vehicles will be ticketed and or towed for noncompliance.

The Fire Marshal states there are NO EXCEPTIONS!

If there are no spots available park on Sunburst, as close to curb as possible.  Homeowners are responsible to make sure their renters know.

If towed and or ticketed there will not be a way to get the charges lessened.

This is for the safety of all residents and guests here.

Please tell everyone in your homes!!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

The Board of Trustees
Sunburst Hills Property Owners Association, Inc.



Notice to all Residents:

On October 10, 2023, the Association received a Notice of Violations and Order to Correct from East Brunswick Fire District #1 Fire Marshal Jaysen Whalen.  The citation is for not establishing Fire Lanes and No Parking Areas, with required signage, in the Buttonwood East parking lot. We have been in touch with a contractor to do the necessary pavement markings and install all signage with a current deadline of 11/6/23.

Once the work is done, all curbed areas that have been used for parking will no longer be an option.  Parking can only be done in a lined space.  Failure to follow the new parking guidelines will result in cars being ticketed and or towed at the owner's expense.

Once we have a confirmed date for the work to begin, we will let you know so all cars parked along curbed areas can be removed.

Below is map that highlights the affected areas in yellow for the East parking lot.  This work will guarantee safe access for all emergency vehicles whenever the need may arise.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Sunburst Hills
Fourth Quarter Newsletter

October 2023

Our 2023 Annual Homeowners meeting and elections is a work in progress.  It will be during December.  Watch for email notification in November for further details.

Designated, fee based numbered parking slot pilot program for residents that reside around Buttonwood East & West Parking Lots is being finalized.  Watch for email within the upcoming 60 days for further details.

Paving of Buttonwood Drive and Bingham Way were approved by the Township as part of the Township’s 2023 paving program.  Mayor Cohen is signaling that Allison Drive is slated to be included in the Township’s 2024 paving program.

Newly paved streets in our community are good for our vehicles.  Board officials have observed that there are periods when residents and visitors trend towards driving above the 25mph speed limit.   Please slow down and drive safer for the good of everyone in our neighborhood.

Mayor Cohen is signaling that new solid waste pickup schedules and new containers for solid waste plus recycling will be implemented on or about January 1, 2024.  Board officials will try to send out email notices as we learn more from the Township.  Of course, if you signed up to receive the Patch from the Township you will receive news concurrently with board officials. If you have not signed up yet, go to and subscribe.

Reminders, with the windy fall/winter days coming if you see garbage by your curb, street, or sidewalk please pick it up.  More than likely, it came by your house because of the wind. Put your trash in trashcans so animals do not get into the bags and spread trash.

Please continue to clean up after your pup.

Since we are starting to use email to communicate information, please check your spam folder and if you see email from the Board mark it as a safe sender.

Many homeowners have inquired regarding direct payment of dues and using credit cards. These services come at a cost ranging from 1.5% to 3+%. Our treasurer needs to have these services integrated with our accounting software. We are not ready to absorb the cost of these services.



Third Quarter Newsletter 2022


July 2022


Dear Neighbors,


Summer is here!

We are halfway through 2022.  And with the very pleasant spring weather, many neighbors began a variety of outdoor activities, at home, the seashore, the mountains, and other places of interest. 


So, within the at home activities, perhaps there is space to clean up, spruce up and give your property a shiny bit of bounce from the winter dust and spring vegetation growth.  And with the significant price surge for gas, it is plausible that neighbors will use their rear yards more frequently for relaxing and family/friends’ events. 


Perhaps as you look at your yards, decks and patios you will think about how you desire to enjoy them, please also think about your common neighbors and the importance of ensuring that your rear property is not an eyesore for them. 


Breaking News


Parking Lots Sealcoating project

Thank You for your cooperation during the recent June 2022, Parking Lots Sealcoating project!  A significant segment of our neighbors worked with us.  And there were some who had challenges with understanding the benefits of moving vehicles on time to enable contractors to perform work and the Association not pay penalties.


Bottom line:  Thank You Neighbors!  In spite of verbal abuse by some neighbors the Sealcoating was a success. 


Parking Lot Numbers

The Board is researching the feasibility of implementing a controlled assigned parking program.  


We have placed numbers on some parking slots now to support the program if it is decided to pilot our research.  


It was cost effective to have the numbers painted while the lots are being striped.   


If the research does not support a pilot program, then the numbers will be painted over with black asphalt paint.


We are not in a position to tell any resident when our research will end and if we move to a pilot program, the starting month or date for the pilot program to begin.


Do not make any assumptions based on the placements of numbers.


Other News & Reminders

Dead Trees, Active Tree Growth & other Vegetation Growth

We are aware of dead ash trees in our community.  We are seeking EB Township help with the funding to remove ash trees that are near the curb.  Letters to select Township department leaders and our mayor have been mailed.  We are hopeful that the letters will bring action with the removal of these trees


We are also aware of trees within the interior of the property that require attention.  The approved 2022 tree budget is empty.  So, unfortunately, the attention to some trees will be deferred to 2023.


Shrubs and other low hanging vegetation will be pruned during July 2022.


Repaving of community Roads

During 2019 we submitted a petition to the Mayor describing the road hazards situation of our community road.  We never received a response.  Perhaps, the COVID pandemic played a role in the non-response.  More recently in May 2022, we submitted a new letter to the mayor and also select Township department leaders. 

We plan to be more proactive in seeking a response.

Residents should call, write, and email the township and voice their complaints about the condition of our street to our mayor Brad Cohen.  ( ) The more voices heard from might get a quicker response. 


Fireworks in the Community

Everyone enjoys the beautiful colorful displays from aerial fireworks.  As you make decision about the purchase and usage of fireworks, please keep in mind that the noise and fire components of the fireworks do affect others in our high-density community

  • The dogs in our community become excited or fearful from the noise
  • The Association land should never be used to deploy the aerial fireworks, Insurance Liability issue
  • The residue from the aerial displays does land on homes, cars and Association grounds.  The Association’s landscaped and non-landscaped grounds can be very dry during the spring, summer and early autumn.  Therefore, the potential for fire is always a concern.  Also some homes have very aged roofs which are also another potential place for a fire.


Our message is, enjoy your fireworks.  Just be aware of your surroundings and pick up all the remnants of your fireworks!


SHPOA Ordinance for Solid waste (trash) & Recycling Container Placement Reminder

  • Please remember that solid waste and recycling containers shall not be placed on the curb in front of your home or the pickup islands before 6:00 PM on the eve of these pickup days for our community.
  • Please also remember that empty solid waste and recycling container shall be removed from the curb or pickup islands by 12:00 midnight on the day of Townships contractor pickup.

If animals consistently rip open your garbage bags, please clean up the mess made and give serious consideration to buying a sturdy garbage can

  • There is a $75.00 fine for noncompliance to the Ordinance.
  • Construction and landscaping materials will not be picked up and must be removed by your contractor.

Download the app called “Recycle Coach”. It links to our townships schedule and will notify you of our pickup days and has answers to what items go where. It’s available on both platforms.


Branches are collected separately from the regular scheduled solid waste collection.

For Curbside collection of branches

1. Call the Office of Recycling, 732-390-6984 to be placed on the collection list. Submit your information by Friday before the third week of the month to be placed on the schedule.


2. Tie and bundle branches. Bundled branches must be no longer than 4 feet long and weigh no more than 50 lbs.


3. Branches do not go into Biodegradable bags or containers.


Residents may also drop off unbundled branches at the Recycling Center,
Monday through Saturday, 7:30am - 3:30pm
- East Brunswick Residents ONLY - proper ID required



October 1, 2021
Notice of Association Annual General Meeting Cancellation

Out of an ongoing abundance of caution associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Association’s annual general meeting for all homeowner members of the Sunburst Hills Property Owners Association (SHPOA) for 2021 is canceled. 

The following agenda items typically covered or executed during the annual meeting will be accomplished as follows:

  1. 2021 Update/2022 Look Ahead
    1. Board members will update on completed 2021 capital expenditure projects plus general community news and project ideas for 2022
    2. This agenda item will be covered in the Board/Association’s  1st Quarter 2022 Newsletter
  2. Election of Board Officials
    1. Election of three (3) board members (Vice President, Secretary, and Fifth Board Member) whose term of office will be February 1, 2022 – January 31, 2024
      1. Positions, Duties, and Responsibilities are provided with this mailing
      2. Candidates who desire to run for office should prepare a resume and submit it to Association’s Nomination Committee, no later than Friday, November 5, 2021
      3. Resume can be sent via email to or mailed  via US Postal Service to the SHPOA Nomination Committee, PO Box 842, East Brunswick, NJ
    2. This agenda item will be achieved using Mail in Ballots.  The Board will mail candidate ballots to each homeowner member on or about Friday, November 19, 2021
      1. Completed ballots must be received by the board no later than Friday, December 10, 2021
      2. Ballots will be opened and validated by Association’s Attorney no later than Friday, December 17, 2021.
  3. Approve 2022 budget
    1. This agenda item will be achieved using Mail in Ballots.  The Board will mail 2022 budget  to each homeowner member on or about Friday, November 19, 2021
      1. The 2022 budget approval questions will be on the same ballot as the board official candidates ballot
      2. Completed ballots must be received by the board no later than Friday, December 10, 2021
      3. Ballots will be opened and validated by Association’s Attorney no later than Friday, December 17, 2021.
  4. Q&A from Association member/Comments
    1. Homeowners will use the Association’s email ( to ask questions of and make suggestions to the Board.
    2. Response to questions will be on a one-one relationship. 
    3. Suggestions will be reviewed and also responded to in a one-one relationship.  Where practical, the board will provide general feedback regarding suggestions  in future newsletters

All homeowner members are encouraged to exercise your voting power by returning the mail in ballot in a timely manner.   We are hopeful that COVID 19 will be less challenging during the latter months of 2022 allowing a return to the in person format for  annual meeting.


The Board of Trustees
                Veronica Wenz, Jean Norland, Sam Murphy, Joram Freudenfels, Mindy Schlusselfel
Sunburst Hills Property Owners Association, Inc.

Board officials:  Positions, Duties, and Responsibilities

General Requirements for all board official positions
Be fluent in reading, writing, and verbal communications in the English language and be able to effectively work with attorneys, contractors, Township officials and leaders of surrounding communities

Be knowledgeable of Office Productivity Products such as Microsoft’s Word or other similar software tools

Vice President
The Board of Trustees Vice President (VP) acts in the capacity of the president if the president is absent.  The VP chairs the Nomination Committee and serves as the secondary (fifth board member is the primary interface) Public Relations interface between the Board and EB Township agencies.   The VP also serves on the Architectural and Landscaping Committees.

The Board of Trustees Secretary is responsible for record keeping and retrieval and storage of information. This includes recording the minutes of board and membership meetings; maintaining the governing documents; and keeping bids, contracts, financial data, membership lists and correspondence. The secretary should store information in such a way that future board of trustee officers will be able to locate it easily.  The secretary will work with the Association’s computer center manager to insure that the annual general meeting minutes is always stored on the Association’s web site and minutes for board meetings are properly archived.

Some duties of the secretary may overlap with the duties of other board members. These might include handling certain association correspondence and filing necessary forms with state agencies.

The minutes of board and membership meetings record the actions taken, show the rationale for board decisions and preserve the voting records of the directors. To ensure accuracy, the secretary should transcribe the minutes as soon as possible after a meeting and distribute them to board members for approval at the next meeting. Complete and accurate minutes are essential, as minutes can be admitted into evidence at a trial.

The secretary also is responsible for maintaining and updating the Book of Resolutions for the association.  The secretary chairs the Architectural Committee and serves on the Nomination Committee.

Fifth Board Member
The Board of Trustees Fifth Member is responsible for Public Relations between the Board and EB Township agencies.  This includes researching SHPOA historical information contained in files cabinets at the Township, interfacing with Public Safety, Planning Board, Zoning Board, Fire Department and other township agencies as required.  The fifth board member must document communication with township agencies in such a manner that board members can quickly comprehend this information and for future boards to be able to easily locate.

Some duties of the fifth board member may overlap with the duties of other board members. These might include handling certain association correspondence and filing necessary forms with EB Township agencies for securing annual general meeting or special meetings locations.

The fifth board member serves on the Landscaping Committee and the Nomination Committee.

October 1, 2021
Association News & Policy Reminders
Dear Neighbors and Homeowners,
During the spring and summer months of 2021 our community welcomed new homeowners and tenant residents. The Board sends a warm welcome to all of our community’s new residents.   

US Post Office Changes in Service
The Board typically sends quarterly statements and other pertinent information to all residents through the USPS.
We are well aware that there are currently challenging delivery issues within the USPS.  

To help us mitigate the USPS delivery challenges, the Board desires to use email as the preferred choice of delivery to residents.  This would enable more timely delivery of quarterly dues statements and other one-one homeowner documents.   If you have not already previously provided the board with your email address, we welcome and want this information from you as soon as possible.  The goal is to aggressively implement the usage of email for the majority of communications with residents no later than March 1, 2022.

Direct Payments via Financial Institutions’ to the Association
Homeowners have frequently requested the Board to implement a process for them to issue their quarterly dues payments to the Association electronically.  We hear you!  We understand the benefit of this process!  We are researching ways to implement this process using QuickBooks and Wells Fargo methodologies.  We will update you as soon as possible in 2022; hopefully with a very positive announcement.

Keeping ‘The Greens’ at Sunburst Hills Beautiful and Safe
Once again, September has been hailed as National Preparedness Month.  Yet, as homeowners, every day has an element of preparedness.  It is indeed all about maintaining and protecting your home’s investment to include damage control from hurricanes, storms, snow and ice, and home fires. Remember the roofs, gutters, and downspouts of our homes can fall victim from hurricanes, rain, snow and ice storms.  Our basements can also fall victim to flood waters.   Understand damage potential and prepare plans for management of the physical and emotional damages from these unwanted activities.  And be sure to preform periodic testing of your smoke alarms and also carbon monoxide alarms.
During the spring and summer, board officials observed that several homeowners investing in roof replacements, and also power washing.  We send a hardy thank you to these homeowners.

Even though board officials did not perform formal home inspections in 2019, 2020 and 2021 perhaps each homeowner will find value in conducting their own personal self-assessment of their home and plan to address areas that need attention during the Spring of 2022 especially in painting or power washing. 

Improper Disposal of Dog Waste
Attention ALL Dog Owners
The East Brunswick Township sewer system is not for the disposal of dog waste!!!
This system drains DIRECTLY into Area Rivers. 
Please dispose of your dog waste with you household trash in an appropriate bag!

Thank YOU!

Fall 2021 – winter 2022 Snow & Ice Management
Winter weather with snow and freezing rain is being forecasted by the Weather Channel, Accu-weather and Farmer’s Almanac for central NJ.  The Association has a plowing and ice management contract in place which covers the plowing and ice management of Association owned parking lots:  Buttonwood East, Buttonwood West, Allison Two Slots and Allison Five Slots; plus the following sidewalks: Sunburst Drive, Bingham Way, and the Bicycle Path in the Buttonwood Drive complex
Sunburst Drive, Allison Drive, Bingham Way and Buttonwood Drive are Township owned streets therefore are plowed and ice managed by the Township.  Please contact the Township when you sense a problem with the clearing of these roads.
The Board and our snow removal contractor will make every effort to insure that path ways through the Buttonwood East and West parking lots are plowed and salted in a reasonable time during winter weather.  The same is valid for the Association owned sidewalks.  The Board welcomes and wants your help and understanding with the following snow and ice management challenges:

  • Some residents do not understand that our snow removal contractor has a contract with the Association which defines the task that are to be performed and the cost for each task.  When residents try to unilaterally change the tasks this can result in incremental cost or cost overruns.  Cost over runs will be paid but it impacts the approved funding and potentially result in special assessments if or when snow removal funds are depleted.
  • Some residents do not understand that due to the width of the snow plow attached to the plowing trucks, there is risk that the plowing truck may hit ice while pushing the snow and skid, therefore it is not practical to clean only one parking slot.  The Board and our snow removal contractor desire to manage risk.  Therefore to manage risk and have the safer more efficient payback, it is important for residents to have multiple adjacent spots cleared concurrently.
  • Some residents expect our snow removal contractor to stay in the community all day waiting for them to move their cars parked in the Association owned parking lots on a random unpredictable time line.
  • Some residents will wait until the snow plow has cleared a nice path through the Association owned parking lot to then clear off their cars and throw the snow into the cleared path with an expectation that the snow plow will return within a short time and plow away the snow placed there by them enabling them to have clear traction when they back out of the parking slot.

Please contact the Board via email: if there are concerns with the plowing and salting of Association owned property. 

Reminder 1:  Trash/Recycling Policy
During the summer some resident’s relaxed on adhering to the Association’s Trash/Recycling Policy. There were weekly instances of trash/recycling cans not timely picked up or placed out to early.    The Board is asking all residents to please honor and adhere to the

Townhome residents should keep garbage cans and recycling cans separate when placing them on the island pad especially during the winter schedule.

Association’s below published ordinance.  Everyone’s cooperation is needed.
Infraction Fine East Brunswick & SHPOA Rules

Untimely placement or pickup of containers at curbside or common grounds (inc. white goods).


Containers must be placed at the curb for pick up before 7 am of collection day but no more than 12 hours prior to collection.

Empty containers MUST be removed from the curb by evening of collection day.  There are no exceptions.
Improper packaging / bundles $50.00

All solid waste / trash MUST be placed in NUMBERED trash containers with lids or in large black garbage bags with ties.
When using garbage bags please ensure that these bags do not contain any food scraps (animals will tear open the bags leaving a soiled area that will not be picked up by the garbage collectors).  White garbage bags are not acceptable.

Recycling material should be in East Brunswick supplied 20 gallon NUMBERED yellow recycling barrels

Newspapers must be bundled and tied with a string or placed in East Brunswick supplied NUMBERED blue container with lid.

Cardboard must be bundled and tied. Junk mail, high grade and mixed paper bundled and tied or secured in a brown paper bag.

Reminder 2: Holiday decorations and items on front porch
Holiday decorations including lights are only allowed for the duration of the holiday.  Once the holiday has ended, these items must be promptly removed.  Also, shoes are not allowed on the front porch of any home.  There are no exceptions and there are fines for not observing the Association’s policies, rules and regulations.

Reminder 3:  Association Email Address and Web Site Request
The Association’s email address is  Documents can be attached to your email and delivered to the Board.   The Web site submission can be used to communicate with the board but this site does not support attachments.  The web site submission is typically used by non-residents who are interested in seeking information from the Association.

We hope this newsletter is of value for you.  We welcome your ideas for future topics.

The Board of Trustees
                Veronica Wenz, Jean Norland, Sam Murphy,  Joram Freudenfels, Mindy Schlusselfeld


Township of East Brunswick: Branch Collection Notice

Branches are collected separately from the regular scheduled solid waste collection. Curbside collection of branches is the third full week of the month throughout the year.

To schedule the collection of branches:

  • Call the Office of Recycling, 732-390-6984 by the Friday, before the third full week of the month to be placed on the collection list.
  • Tie and bundle branches. Bundled branches must be no longer than 4 feet long and weigh no more than 50 lbs.

Residents can also dispose of branches at the Recycling Center.

Residents may also drop off unbundled branches at the Recycling Center, Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Check holidays listed.

For full details, view this message on the web



Schedule of Mandatory Quarterly Dues Collections

  1. The Association's schedule of mandatory quarterly dues collections is as follows:
    1. Quarterly payments are billed on the first (1st) day of each quarter (January, April, July and October).
    2. The Association has defined the following mandatory quarterly dues payment terms and conditions:
      1. Delinquency Shall occur when full payment is not received or postmarked by the date indicated on the statement. A penalty of $55.00 per month will be automatically issued for any delinquent mandatory quarterly dues assessment.  This penalty becomes a part of the continuing lien for assessments.
      2. Default - Shall occur when any assessment or portion of assessment remains unpaid 90 days following the previous statement date.
          1. The Board or its Attorney will issues a final warning letter and a penalty of placing a lien on the property will be issued for any default assessment.
          2. The lien value will include all outstanding dues and penalty plus all legal costs.
  1. The Association exercises the following rule related to mandatory quarterly dues payments:

Rule - Collection of Quarterly Dues:
Money collected from homeowners will be applied to their account as follows:

    1. First - to satisfy late fees;
    2. Second - to satisfy fines;
    3. Third - to satisfy attorney's fees and costs;
    4. Fourth - to satisfy any management processing fees;
    5. Fifth - to satisfy any special assessments; and
    6. Sixth - to satisfy any quarterly dues or maintenance fees.
The Association is not obligated to provide homeowners with late notices. If a homeowner has not received a statement by the 15th of January, April, July, and October, then the homeowner must advise the Board by sending an email to:   The Treasurer will then use the homeowners' email address to email a duplicate statement in pdf format.

Roof Information

November 10, 2002

To All Concerned:

SUBJECT: Roof Replacement

The following "Roof History" and list of "Frequently Asked Questions" addresses issues regarding roof replacement in the development.

"Roof History"

The homes at Sunburst Hills are all 19+ years old, an age where you should seriously consider a new roof. Approximately 50% of all homeowners have experienced problems with their roof and have made repairs. Many repairs were made after damage from leaks, adding to the total repair cost, not to mention the inconvenience from water damage. Plywood damage, under the shingles, may also exist. Please have the contractor inspect the plywood during the estimate. Several homes have had plywood that needed replacement. Installation of a ridge vent and attic fan is also recommended.

With attached homes such as ours, cooperation must exist between neighbors. The best repair solution is for both attached parties to do the repair at the same time. This will insure a leak free installation for all concerned. It will also allow for a color change if desired. Other options often lead to problems and reduced property values.

Your roof may not be leaking today, but it probably will in the very near future. The Homeowners Association is advising all homeowners to replace their roof as soon as possible. The Board of Trustees will advise and offer assistance if requested in writing.

"Frequently Asked Questions"

Do I need to obtain approval for a roof replacement? Yes, A request for approval must be made in writing to the Association. An approval letter will be sent to you within 1-2 weeks.

Do I need a Township Construction Permit? Yes, also the township will not approve the permit application without our written approval.

What if I replace my roof without approval or a permit? You will liable for potential fines from the Township and the Association.

Can I replace just my portion of the roof? Yes, although not recommended or desired. The Board of Trustees will review this type of request on a case-by-case basis. Approval is not automatic.

Can the Board of Trustees recommend a contractor? Members of the Board of Trustees may provide names of contractors who have done work in the development. This is not a recommendation or guarantee of any work to be performed.

Is financial assistance available? The Board of Trustees will review requests for financial assistance on a case-by case basis. All requests would involve a loan secured by the property. All requests must be made in writing.

What is the cost of a new roof? Costs vary with the size of the roof. There are two basic types of roof replacements. One is called "going over the existing shingles" and the other a "tear off"(removing and replacing the shingles.

The following are strictly guidelines, pricing varies great/y by contractor.

Going over the existing shingles should cost between $1100.00 - 1800.00.

A tear off should add approximately $1200.00 - $1400.00 to the above.

Plywood is usually replaced on per piece, or as needed basis. It requires a tear-off.